Little House on the Web Spiced Berry Immunity Syrup- 8 oz


Sold By: Little House on the Web

~ About The Herbs ~

Black Elderberry* (Sambucus nigra) ~ Helps protect against viral
illness, in particular the flu as well as hastening healing during viral

Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) ~ Warms the body, enhances digestion
and stimulates the immune system.

Rose Hips* (Rosa spp.) ~ Rose hips, the fruit of a rose, are very high
in Vitamin C. They make a tasty sweet sour addition to this syrup,
helping to prevent infection.

Hawthorn Berries* (Crataegus spp.) ~ Nourishes and protects the heart.
Eases anxiety and unrest.

Cinnamon Sticks* (Cinnamomum spp.) ~ Cinnamon is mucliagenous and along
with its warming and carminative properties it helps to ease
stomach upset. Cinnamon will warm up a cold body and ease chills during

Orange Peel; Cardamom Pods* (Elettaria cardamomum) ~ These both add
a beautiful flavor to the syrup and are carminative thereby aiding

Honey ~ Honey is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. It is
wonderfully soothing for coughs and helps to boost the immune system.
Raw honey is high in phytonutrients including antioxidants, friendly
bacteria and propolis making it a superior food. Beside it’s healing
properties, honey is included in this syrup as a preservative.


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