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Welcome to the Farm to Table blog! Co-author Kristine Creveling, has created an informational section for the Abita Fresh website to keep you informed about Abita Fresh activities, producers and products. Explore each producer profile to learn about their story and company values. Check in for weekly recipes, cooking tips, and informational articles on food ethics and nutrition.

Kristine is a Registered Dietitian as well as an avid gardener, cook, and food activist. A New Orleans transplant, Kristine quickly fell in love with the city and its food traditions. As the Food Program Manager at Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation, Kristine enjoys working with entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving food access in Southeast Louisiana.


Meet Co-Author Stephanie Lachney:

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I’m a clean-eating, food-loving, weight-lifting yogi. I’ve been clean-eating since February 2015 and have shared my journey on a blog I created called “Not My Limitations” (

My clean-eating has changed my life 180 degrees, changing everything from the foods that I eat, the way that I exercise my body and the people that I have in my life now.

The most popular excuse I hear from people who say they can’t give up processed foods is because they have a family that they have to feed. I say, clean eat because you have a family to feed. Seize this opportunity to provide your family with nourishment. The chemical-laden boxed and bagged products at the grocery store are not food. They are factory produced approximations of food. The fruits, vegetables, grains and meats we have naturally available to us were put here by design, to provide us with what our bodies need to thrive and survive.

I started buying farm boxes every week from Abita Fresh because it was the best way for me to have fresh, in-season produce and I get to support my local farmers all at the same time.

My goal here is to provide you with fresh, healthy recipes using the farm box ingredients that we receive each week. I hope you enjoy!!

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