Abita Fresh believes that the best things in life are found close to home. That’s why we are outstretching a hand between north shore farmers and producers to the local shoppers that seek to support them. Abita Fresh is a new food hub on the north shore that makes supporting local farmers and producers easy. It’s a one-stop shop for fresh, local produce, dairy, meat, eggs, flowers and gifts, gourmet prepared foods and personal care products.

Why local?

Locally grown produce simply tastes better. Food grown close to home is allowed to fully ripen before being harvested because it doesn’t have to endure long transport or time on a grocery store shelf. This means that the tomato you are enjoying for lunch may have been picked this morning, and is still warm from the sunshine. It’s a difference you can taste.
Shorter transport also means that less money is spent on fuel, so you can rest in the knowledge that all of your dollars are going directly supporting local growers and producers, who can then reinvest that money into our local economy. Smaller scale production oftentimes means that less pesticides and antibiotics are required to keep produce and animals healthy, which allows many of our growers and producers to either sell certified organic products or follow organic farming practices. You can learn more about specific producers growing practices by visiting their bio page.

How does it work?

Abita Fresh has an online marketplace that allows shoppers to make purchases easily, at any time, from the convenience of their own computer. Our local vendors will have items listed according to seasonality and availability. After checking out of the online system, items will be packaged and available for pick-up at any of their pick up hubs, or for home delivery.